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Virtual fundraising ideas

Mount Fuji

Climb a virtual mountain or well known building - find out how many steps your chosen climb is the equivalent of then get walking up and down your stairs! To climb Snowdonia for example you'll need to walk up 4610 steps!

Shave your head or dye your hair - do it live or show a before/after picture on social media

Use your unique skills - are you an excellent baker, skilled chef, yoga master, or craft wiz?? Whatever your skills you could host an online class and either charge people to attend or ask for donations

Hold an online quiz, make it fun by mixing question rounds with challenge rounds like "which team can make a fried egg quickest". Use ideas from quiz shows - get everyone guessing 'higher' or 'lower' for play your cards right! Or make it personal to the group, take quotes from their Facebook pages and make everyone guess who said what!

Hold a virtual bake sale - advertise online and offer either socially distanced collection or delivery 

Hold an online auction - get local businesses to donate items to bid for and advertise the auction online

What's your weak spot? Whether it's coffee or chocolate, give it up for a month and get people to sponsor you

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